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A love thats hard to reach

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A love thats hard to reach

Mensaje por Julietoflove1 el Lun Mayo 02, 2011 7:33 pm

Rain falling, silence near. One single girl in a swing set. WIth fear in her eyes, tears poring out. Air so cold she cant even breath, she waits for her love thats never come near. This story dosent start here, either then it starded on a bright suny day. There was a girl name Juliet. She wasn't the happiest girl, but she always was with a smile on her friends. Always with her friends laughing and enjoying like as it is. She was walking trew town when she met with old friends.

-Juliet: Hey guys!..
-Frank: Hey Juliet nice to see you again... hows work going?
-Juliet: Its so tyring- she laughed a littel
-Carla: Wow you got more taller- she patted her on her head.
-Juliet: Very funny carla- she let go a smile

Juliet wasnt paying alot of attention to them she was focusing on the guy behind carla. Mike. She had a crush on him ever since she finished highschool. He never paid any atention to her. He was so quiet. Juliet talked to him in highschool but sometimes she was to shy. This time Juliet got the courage to talk to him.

-Juliet: Hey Mike- she let out a big smile because she notice he was a littel down.
-Mike: mm.. hey Juliet...- he didnt even looked at her
-Juliet: Whats the matter? Is something bothering you?
-Mike: Is my girlfriend...- with that phrase Juliet froze , her heart skipped a beat. She was heart broken but happy that he founded he's true love.
-Juliet: Was wrong with her?
-Mike: I have to break up with her....
-Juliet: Why? dont you love her?..
-Mike: No... This is all a big mistake...
-Juliet: Why do you say that?
-Mike: Just leave me alone.... - with does words he looked at Juliet with glaring eyes and left walking fast.

Juliet was heart broken, one single tear came down her cheeks. Her friends notice this but just staid quiet. They knew she liked him but he was so blind to see that. Juliet didnt care she kept on with her life. At the same time confuse of what Mike said: "This is all a big mistake". Weeks passed when Juliets phone rang. it was carla.

-Juliet: Hey carla, whats up?
-Carla: JULIET!!! hurry .. mike had a car accident.... he's at the hospital...- carla said crying and without air from all the running

Juliet 's tears started to fall. She forgot all and ran to the hospital. she couldnt hadle the thought of she loosing him. SHe came to the front of the door of mikes room. SHe could hear the nurses yelling. More tears began to fall as she said to herself: "pleas dont leave me..." .


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Re: A love thats hard to reach

Mensaje por Valex el Jue Mayo 05, 2011 10:00 pm

¡Oh my God!
That's awesome, I love how you write and how the story develops

Well hey!! O.O, there is another chapter...¿right?
Pleeeease!!, need to show us the next chapter!! T.T I wanna read more!!

I love your story, actually I need to talk with you about something, I'll tell you in a PM (Private Message)
Waiting OwO!! see ya!!

Mdo. Especial
Mdo. Especial

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